Roisin’s Story

Myself and my husband wanted  to email you about your book “raising emotionally healthy children”.

We have three children and  recently our 12 year old son was being bullied in school. He told us last May and we did nothing about it hoping the summer would see it sorted but it started again in September when we  went to the school. We were very worried about him because he was not sleeping, crying a lot and seemed to be so sad all the time. I bought your book along with a few others last month and I haven’t moved past the first exercise. What my husband and myself  realised when we started reading the book is that we had started to become completely preoccupied with the bullying and the impact it was having on our son.

We were forgetting about having good times and enjoying ourselves with him. Asking ourselves why we loved him got us to thinking about the good fun times we can have with him. As I am emailing you my husband and son are over watching Man United and we are all feeling a lot less stressed. Thanks for your help.