Meeting Emotional Health Challenges

Guest Blog Post by Krystian Fikert –

As parents, we are role models for our children.  As they develop, they watch us closely and absorb our reactions to various situations. For example; how we emotionally react to a specific situation, how we interact with others and how we deal with a particularly difficult moment.

We need to offer time and space for our children to emotionally develop. We should communicate with very clear language, acknowledge observed emotion, ask questions and not be afraid of using emotional language.

We should teach our children that even little things can have both a negative and positive effect on our emotional health.

We can encourage children to play and laugh, to express themselves, ask for help if they need it and to connect with others.

We can encourage physical activity and strive to have as much quality child/parent time together as possible. Removing unnecessary distractors such as TV and video games, and replacing them with one-on-one conversations and engagement will encourage this and nurture a child’s emotional wellbeing.